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Align to Self 

Personalised planetary mantras and life guidance

based on your Vedic Astrology birth chart

Knowing the most impactful planetary mantras to chant is an essential part of addressing the karmas of life. The Vedic birth chart is a powerful tool for identifying the time cycles when mantras will be most effective.


Jagatsevak provides the following private consultation services to identify the most beneficial mantras and related karmic remedies- for now and in the years to come. All services include recordings of the mantras and guidelines for chanting in order to support your personal practice and intentions.

Pricing is in Canadian dollars.

* Jagatsevak is currently on pilgrimage in India and is not available for private consultations at this time. Email to be placed on his appointment request list for bookings after July 15, 2023


  • 1 hour recorded live Zoom call

  • Align with current life goals and purpose for mantra guidance

  • Asses current planetary cycles and karmic conditions

  • Identify, learn and practice up to three personalised mantras

  • Includes mantra recordings and practice guidelines 


Jagatsevak will contact you after receiving your order to schedule the session and complete a brief questionnaire.


Jagatsevak is available for Vedic Astrology readings by appointment. You will need to provide your birth date, time and location, which is the foundation information for casting a Vedic Birth Chart.

Readings focus on your specific questions and purpose for seeking guidance, which can include any of the following domains of life:

  • soul lessons, life purpose and spiritual path

  • family dynamics & relationships

  • love, romance, marriage

  • career & vocation 

  • money & finance

  • health & wellness

  • business matters

  • travel, residence, and more

All readings include the following:

  • 1.5-2 hour recorded live Zoom call

  • Focus on your specific questions

  • Review of life cycles and general timing.

  • Planetary mantra recommendations, recordings and practice guidelines (other recommendations may also be made)

  • The emphasis is on guidance, self-awareness, personal growth and aligning with free will  - not providing detailed predictions.


Jagatsevak will contact you after receiving your order to schedule the session and complete a brief intake and questionnaire.

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